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People and groups that have more than 1000 friends

INowadays, Facebook is one of the most used web communication pages in the world. In each country there is a web page for comunication, but in all of them facebook is used. As other web pages only allow to speak with than country’s people, Facebook let us speak with anybody in the world.

Searching the web  found the opinion of a blogger about the kind of friends do we have in facebook. In my opinion is a very interesting blog. I add the link for you to see it.

Jordi Perez

The opinion of wikipedia about friends, lists and groups is the next one; it is in spanish but I think that the information that appears in it is very interesting.

  • Lista de Amigos: En ella el usuario puede agregar a cualquier persona que conozca y esté registrada, siempre que acepte su invitación. En Facebook se pueden localizar amigos con quienes se perdió el contacto o agregar otros nuevos con quienes intercambiar fotos o mensajes. Para ello, el servidor de Facebook posee herramientas de búsqueda y de sugerencia de amigos.
  • Grupos y Páginas: Es una de las utilidades de mayor desarrollo reciente. Se trata de reunir personas con intereses comunes. En los grupos se pueden añadir fotos, vídeos, mensajes, etc. Las páginas, se crean con fines específicos y a diferencia de los grupos no contienen foros de discusión, ya que están encaminadas hacia marcas o personajes específicos y no hacia ningún tipo de convocatoria.

Because I havent find any friend with more than 1.000 friends, I add some pages that have more than 100.000 people that like them. In facebook many people follow pages they like to somehow say to people what they like or not. But there are people too that don’t follow any page. Some of this pages are for example;

Bill Gates page, this is one of the most popular pages of facebook, this man, who is the founder of the windows has a page with 220,314 friends. BillGates.

Another one is Texas Hold’em Poker, this is a page about poker, it has about 24,357,811 friends. In this kind of pages peopleshare theis opinions about the Poker game.

Michael Jackson’s page, is a page about this famous singer. The page has 20,822,502 friends more or less. So with this piece of information we can say that this page is  a very followed one.

The Facebook page has 20,571,000 friends. This page is about facebook itself. most people that has facebook use to be fan of this page.

Barack Obama, the american president, has a page with 14,156,446 friends. This man has become famous in very little time and his page’s followes rise every day.

There are many pages in facebook with mor or less followers, but the important thing is to which of this pages we belong to.


* Teoría o filosofía 2.0 los 6 grados de amistad en Facebook (2010,19) November. El Blog de Jordy. Fecha de consulta: 11.32, noviembre 19,2010 from http://www.jordiperez.cat/2010/03/teoria-o-filosofia-2-0-los-6-grados-de-relacion-de-amistad-en-facebook/

* Facebook. (2010, 15) de noviembre. Wikipedia, La enciclopedia libre. Fecha de consulta: 10:55, noviembre 19, 2010 from http://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Facebook&oldid=41793357.

* http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/

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  1. November 26, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    I’m glad to see my foolish theory on your blog 🙂

    This theory has another post on my blog, applying the theory on a real case (my nephew)
    I paste the link for if u’re interested.

    In my personal case, i’ve got an 10% of friends Type 6 vs. All my friends in facebook.
    On twitter, my list of followers type 6 are (today) 260/2000

    Thanks again 🙂

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