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How can we create a group in Facebook?

An article published by The New York Times (12th October 2010) and written by Paul Boutin,  covers the theme of Facebook and the new facility it offers to its users: the possibility of creating little private groups of friends.

In order to enjoy this new option, a few steps must be taken and some measures must be considered. In fact, according to Robert McMillan (“Facebook groups: Mark Zuckerberg added to NAMBLA”, published 11 October 2010) the bigger lesson about Facebook Groups may be to be careful who you befriend.

Once you´ve entered in your account, according to “Help Centre” in Facebook account´s settings,  you can create a group from http://www.facebook.com/Groups. There you´ll find a form for the creation of a Facebook group. It is obligatory to fill in data such as the “group´s name” or “the description”, where the objective or the aim of the creation of that group is. There are also other additional information you can fill, although it is optional, such as address or telephones. Then, you have to press “create group” at the right bottom of the page.

In the next web page you have to configure how the group works. Among the options there are: put an image that identifies you, the address of the group´s website… It is also possible to authorize or to ban options. Equally, the security and access level can be chosen. There are 3 possible options:

  • Public: anybody can join the group and invite others to join.
  • Private: the administrators must accept the solicitudes. Everybody can see the descriptionof the group, but only the members can see the wall, post and photos.
  • Secret: the group does not appear in any searching activity nor in its members´ profiles. Only the people who receive invitation can join it.

Once the formular is finished, the “Save” bottom should be pressed. Afterwards, the friends     you want to invite should be selected. As it is mentioned in the Help Centre, you can change these settings at any time by clicking “Edit Group” on the group´s main page.

However, as Jason Kincaid explains in his article “Facebook groups don´t have a privacy problem, but someone needs to can the spam” (published the 7th October, 2010 in TechCrunch):

“there is a real problem with groups, and it´s spam. Once you´ve been added to a group, you´ll be sent email notifications each time one of your friends posts to that group”.

In conclusion, the creation of a Facebook group is easy and fun. An account, a couple of friends and little time is needed to promote the group and make it the most popular among the others.


  • Picture taken from Google Images.
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