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What type of information should go on an email, or on a private message and not on a wall post?

According to Ethan Demby, an Examiner.com content intern and KU journalism student, wall posts are ” like community chalk boards in front of a person’s house; you leave a message and wait for a response on your own wall”. They are accesible and can be seen by everyone you have allowed to. However, not all of them are your close frinends or relatives and you may not want to show them your personal imformation.

Greg Finn argues that everything you post, write and comment in your wall can be manipulated. This means that anyone could take and expand the posted imformation on your wall, which in many cases may have a negative result. This is why Facebook and Network users should never publish their personal imformation on their or other people´s walls.

For such purpose, taking into account Wikipedia´s deffinition of emails, it is much better, sure and privet to use emails or private message. Throgh them, everyone send and share relevant information such as your cell-phone number, credit account number, addres etc. just with the person you want, being sure that no one else will have access to such information.

To conclude, I would like to say that wall posts should contain no-relevant information for others, such as our state, interesting articles, forums about different topics…but it should never contain personal and privet information that people could use against our image or to hurt us.


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