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Difference between networks, groups and pages

Internet is becoming more and more useful in our lives. But to improve our social lives most people use networks, groups and pages where they share many types of information and interests. Some people do not know in which site is better to post; in addition, it depends of the kind of post. Networks, groups and pages have some similarities between them; however, it is clear that they are very different. The main differences that we have to consider are these:

Network: Is a group of interconnected computers which shares information like software and hardware between many users. For example, Internet is a network. Internet is a worldwide system of computers networks, where the users get information from any other computer. Today, the Internet is a public and cooperative facility accessible to hundreds of millions of people. One example is Facebook, where all the people who is joining it, can access to the personal information of everyone.

  • Facebook is a free web where we can find people with our same interests. At first, it was only for students of universities, but now is tend to used for everyone. It has grown drammatically during 2008 and 2009 and is one of the most visited web sites of the world.

However, according to the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, some people do not know how to enjoy the advantages of this network:

“The 43% of the users have set their profile so that everyone can see it. They have no privacy. It is necessary to learn how to configure our privacy. Another risk that users may face in social networking is the impersonation”.

To be able to take full advantage of social networks without being in any danger, we must learn to navigate and configure the privacy tool. Knowing the good and bad things helps us in making a good use of these applications to take advantage in our personal, professional and academic life. One of the most interesting things that has facebook are pages and groups. But, what is the difference between both?

Groups: A Facebook group is a page created for an organization to promote activities. They are based around a interest or to declare an affiliation or association with people and things. Users can join these groups and post their opinion on the wall, so the people have discussions about it. With this groups, users can create a community of people and friends to promote and share relevant topics. The majority of people who are in a group are from different parts of a country or the world, and, obviously, they don’t know each other. This is a good way to meet and interact with new people with same interests. Only the people who have got an account in Facebook can visit the group.

Pages: Facebook pages are public profiles specifically created for businesses, celebrities or for organizations, for example, companies or public figureswhich updates users with things such us links, events, photos and videos; . Pages can have an unlimited number of fans, in contrast to personal profiles, which has had a maximum of 5000 friends. People can see the pages even if they have not an account in Facebook. One disadvantage of a Facebook page is that it’s name can not be changed.

In conclusion, after analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the groups and pages of Facebook, is our decision if we want to join either a page or a group.


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